Discussion Two: Jim and Wout

Jim Uttley (Researcher, University of Sheffield) spoke with Wout van Bommel, January 2017

 Wout offers some useful advice for new researchers: “make difficult things in lighting a little bit more easy in order to make them suitable for practical application.”

Regarding presentations: “talk only about things you know about (and) make very simple graphs”



Discussion One: Kynthia and Peter


Kynthia Chamilothori (PhD student at EPFL, Lausanne) met Peter Boyce 

on a visit to Sheffield University in July 2016 

“The Director sent for me and said 'I want you to work on lighting'. The rest is history” 

“If we are as smart as we think we are, we ought to be able to find 
something interesting in what seems to be the most mundane project” 


Welcome to Bright Lights!

Welcome to Bright Lights – a brand new resource set up by Professor Steve Fotios in 2016.

This is a place for new and older lighting researchers to come together and share what inspires them.

If you would like to be interview someone please get in touch on Steve.Fotios@Sheffield.ac.uk!

Bright: full of light, shining: intelligent and quick to learn: full of hope for success or happiness.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online